Mochihiko’s businesses  Description of the different divisions

Sales Division

Customer first, reliability, and fresh creativity
Our Sales Division places great emphasis on meeting with each individual customer, and makes every effort to think flexibly and communicate sincerely. When it comes to the content of the orders placed by our customers, the division carries out process management by performing detailed checks of things like whether we can accommodate requests and whether there are any defects. What is more, even after the hand-over the division conducts periodic visits and the like as part of our efforts to ensure that the customer is satisfied with our product. It also makes use of the opinions received from customers to improve our business.

Design Division

Reliable and speedy responses and legal compliance
This division comes up with a design that reflects the contents of the order received from the Sales Division. The division also performs the site inspections that accompany the design, prepares the building certification application documents, and handles the inspections and reporting in accordance with the Act on Architects and Building Engineers. The Design Division plays the important role of bridging the gap to accurate and prompt manufacturing and construction. As such, it strives to improve its ability to accurately determine intent based upon the relevant laws and ordinances.

Manufacturing Division

Safety first, strictly adhering to deadlines, improving quality, and cutting costs
This is a workplace where our young employees play an incredibly active role with the dual goals of having everyone meticulously adhere to the 3Ss (Speed, Service, and Safety) and having everyone improve the environment. Our No. 1 Factory is equipped with machinery that handles the sewing work, while our No. 2 Factory is equipped with machinery that handles the iron and steel processing, allowing us to handle everything from the iron and steel processing to the welding, painting, and sheet sewing operations in an integrated manner. * Has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications

Construction Division

Creating a safe and cheerful site where safety comes first
Our team of young people performs speedy assembly and construction work. They constantly aspire to achieve a safe and cheerful site environment under the motto of “safety first.” We strive to improve quality through the sincere efforts of each and every one of our employees in order to satisfy our customers.