We have continued to grow with one of our missions being to engage in business activities that aspire to be socially meaningful and activities that contribute to society.

Our philosophy on Sustainability

Mochihiko Co., Ltd. marked its 25-year anniversary on October 5, 2012. Our continued existence thus far has been due to the support of everyone who has been involved with us, as well as the presence of Shizuoka where our Main Office is based. We are always conscious of the importance of our relationships with people outside the company, which present us with opportunities for growth, and contribute to society in good faith through our business. We feel that this is the most direct way for us to express our sense of gratitude to all of you.
One of our missions is to carry out activities that contribute to society, which could be defined as informative for the future. We intend to continue to develop our business by playing a role through our participation in society.

Mochihiko’s contributions to society

Conclusion of an agreement for when disasters strike with the  Yui District Union Council of the Shimizu Ward

We concluded an agreement in which our company’s air tents for disaster response events can be used during emergencies and disasters in the local Yui region.

Support for disaster-stricken region

  • Construction of tent structures for the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Construction of a temporary fish market in Minamisanriku and oyster processing plants in Onagawa and Shizugawa
  • Donation of tent toilets (Minamisanriku Fish Market, oyster processing plants in Onagawa and Shizugawa, disaster relief teams)

Conservation of the local environment

  • Clean-up activities for Mount Fuji with the goal of protecting nature
  • Contribution for certification as a forest environment adoption company by Shizuoka City

Humanitarian support

  • Support for the Kitakawachi Volunteer Center
  • Support for the Japan Handicap Tennis Federation
  • Contribution to the UNICEF fund
  • Contribution to the Shizuoka Branch of the Japanese Red Cross Society