Corporate Privacy Policy recognizes the importance of personal information protection, and uses its best efforts to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and other rules to protect personal information of all Users of this Website.
By using this Website (even without purchasing products), visitors shall be deemed to have agreed to this Privacy Policy. Please refrain from using the website if you cannot agree to this Privacy Policy.

1. Administrator

All information collected by shall be administered by Mochihiko Co., Ltd., whose registered main office is at 340 Yahara, Yui-machi, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka. Mochihiko Co., Ltd. shall be primarily responsible for administration of the personal information.

2. Policy for

All persons shall have the right to personal information protection. shall respect the User’s right of access with regard to the collection and processing of personal information. Users agree that shall, directly or indirectly, process your personal information for the purpose of identifying you. The Website is designed for use of such information to be made on a need-to-know basis, without deviating from the purpose as set forth in Section titled as “Method of use and purposes of personal information”. To this end, in cases where it is not necessary for us to identify a User (e.g. market research using anonymous information to improve services provided by the Website), shall not utilize or process any personal information. as an administrator shall establish purposes of processing personal information pertinent to Website Users (e.g. consumers), and security or other appropriate actions. This Privacy Policy shall provide you with necessary information to understand how we are collecting information that can personally identify the Website User. For additional information on the Privacy Policy for, please contact us via the inquiry form to the Customer Service.

3. Persons who are authorized to handle personal information shall internally process or handle personal information relating to the Website Users (e.g. consumers) for organizational and operational purposes.
In handling personal information relating to Users who will visit, the handler shall act only in accordance with the instructions from shall confirm on a regular basis if the handler complies therewith or is fully in compliance with the relevant clauses or terms relating to personal information, to obtain its guarantee.

4. Method of use and purposes of personal information

All personal information shall be collected or handled for the purposes of Website Users and provision of services or purchase of products available on the Website, and may be used for other processes within the scope of such purposes. Personal information shall be collected and used for the purposes, including, but not limited to: by way of collecting personal information (e.g. personal contact information, email address, and gender) through a registration form on, provision of services within certain access area to a person who provides us with his or her personal information in connection with inquiries or orders; transmit newsletters as requested by you; and as required by you to provide Customer Services, or Customer Care Services for purchasing products available on the Website.
In connection with the procedures for purchasing products sold from the Website, we shall collect, by way of collecting personal information (e.g. personal contact information, email address, and telephone number) through an order form on, provision of services within certain access area, or sell products ordered by you as required (e.g. execution of purchase agreement on the Website).
If any technical assistance is required of us, shall collect personal information to acquire information relating to certain websites  by surfing the net, browsing, or viewing and downloading the contents. Personal information shall be maintained in an electronic manner or in hard copy for cases where it is necessary for us to handle personal information so as to prevent fraud against
Personal information shall not be transferred to any jurisdictions other than Japan if we are not able to ensure the sufficient level of personal information protection. In the event that we need to provide the relevant services, or it is necessary to execute contracts with Mochihiko Co., Ltd. to purchase products, personal information shall be transferred to foreign countries in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations on or after execution of actual contracts between MOCHIHIKO and the relevant business entity. Personal information shall be collected from a User immediately upon transmission of an incoming order from submitted information, for such period as may be necessary to precisely identify the User as an individual.

5. Security adopts security measures as set forth in this Privacy Policy so as to protect the Website and its data communication and personal information against unpredictable or illicit damage, loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure or access, or other form of unlawful manipulation of information.
However, this does not guarantee that we are able to fully prevent or exclude such unauthorized access or loss. It is desirable that your computer should have any software that protects network information transmission/reception (e.g. the advanced antivirus system), and any security measures for network data communication (e.g. firewall or antispam filtering) are taken by your internet service provider.

6. Cookie may use certain technique called “cookies”. Cookies are bits of information that are transmitted and received between webservers and your browser or placed by a Website in a storage disc on your own computer. We may use cookies to identify your computer. shall transmit to your computer data (i.e. voluntary session ID) acquired to maintain information you had submitted in the shopping process, in the form of cookies. However, the cookies that are verified in such process shall be deleted upon completion of application procedures.
If you do not want the benefits of these cookies, you may be able to invalidate cookies by modifying browser’s settings. Any cookies recorded as a file may be deleted. For additional information concerning invalidation or deletion of cookies, you should have access to the relevant information on your internet browser you are using.
It is necessary for you to use cookies to carry out the applicable procedures for purchasing products. If you delete cookies, you may not be able to complete the applicable procedures.

7. Opt-in/opt-out

Advertisement, direct marketing, or other commercial notices that are not solicited by a Website User or are not necessary to provide services which require purchase procedures (e.g. transmission of newsletter) will not be sent to the User  without his or her consent. In cases where the User’s consent is required by law, we shall notify you in advance in each case, and you may be able to opt-out by checking the applicable box. In the event that certain personal information is required to be processed pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations or purchase procedures, you shall agree that we may be able to do so without your prior consent. In any case, we warrant to you that you are at all times able to opt out of receiving any notice relating to specific services.

8. Right of access to personal information or other relevant rights

At any time, each User shall have the right to receive explicit notice from whether or not the User’s personal information is being processed, or on data so processed. Each User shall be entitled to receive from a source of personal information, purposes and method of personal information process, electronic data processing logic, data administrator, details of the Administrator and the handler, and disclosure of personal information (e.g. name of the handler), name or business category of providers that may have access to personal information. This Privacy Policy includes all of the aforementioned information.
User may at all times acquire from the information as set forth below.
Updating or correction of your personal information, or purposes at the time of integration thereof if you are interested in knowing that purposes, or deletion of personal information that is processed illicitly, transformation into anonymous information, and suspension of processing if saving is not deemed necessary at the time of handling in the future.
Confirmation if such processing pursuant to the above paragraphs (a) to (b) is properly notified to the disclosing or distributing party, and verification thereof, except for cases where it is impracticable or is considered to be excessive protection of the rights.
Each User may raise claims against any or all of the following. Each User may at its own discretion and at all times but reasonably exercise the right against any processing of personal information, even if the processing is carried out in connection with proper purposes of collection; provided always that you must exercise the right by transmitting relevant information of such request using an inquiry form of the Customer Service in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

9. Contact information

If you wish to know how your personal information is being treated by, you may transmit an inquiry via the Customer Service, or call at 054-375-3161.

10. Modification to and updating of the Privacy Policy for

At, we shall regulate information protection, and reserve the right to modify or update the Privacy Policy or any part thereof, subject to the relevant modified laws and regulations that protect User’s information.
Upon each modification to or updating of the Privacy Policy, you shall be promptly notified by posting on the home page, and such modification or updating shall become effective and binding on you immediately upon such posting. You are encouraged to visit the Website to review this Section on a regular basis to ensure that you are aware of the latest version of the Privacy Policy at