Our philosophy on corporate responsibility

For us, “corporate responsibility” means action taken based on optimal judgements and decision making in our day-to-day operations. Moreover, we report the responsibilities we oversee to those outside the company not only to receive social recognition, but also because we consider this to be an important opportunity to inform them of the current conditions within the company.

■Mochihiko’s five corporate responsibilities
Mochihiko will continue to carry out corporate activities by using the following five responsibilities as our internal guidelines.
1. Product responsibility
We strive to prevent and mitigate accidents and defects in advance through safe design, analysis of complaints, and so on.
2. Environmental protection responsibility
We establish and implement measures to reduce the environmental impact in our day-to-day operations. In addition, we also work on social responsibility activities.
3. Employment responsibility
We set in place the frameworks necessary to manage and improve the work environment, respect our employees, and strive to set in place a stable work environment.
4. Social responsibility
We do not just pursue corporate profits, but also carry out appropriate decision making with a sense of responsibility for the impact that our organizational activities have on society.
5. Oversight responsibility
We make efforts to prevent corrupt corporate practices and take a comprehensive view when it comes to improving our competitiveness and earning potential in an effort to enhance our corporate value over the long-term.

We feel that strengthening our connections to the outside world through our involvement with the environment and society through our businesses in this manner will ultimately lead to enhancing the richness of our activities. What is more, we strive to make periodic improvements to our business as a whole, including our business systems and communications, based on objective and impartial judgments within the company.

Our philosophy on basic principles for corporate responsibility

We strive to engage in decision making that fully features objectivity and impartiality by holding forums for discussions together with outside partners. We also conduct monitoring on our day-to-day operations to detect any problems with them, which we institute repeated improvements for out of our desire to improve the quality of our operations.

Our philosophy on employment

We see the human resources we require as colleagues that we can engage in trial and error with and grow with together. We feel that, by joining together with colleagues within the company as members of a team, our employees gain a full understanding of Mochihiko’s services and can meet the expectations of the outside world. In order to grow into a company that leads society by fulfilling our corporate responsibility, we will continue to amass a variety of different experiences while we grow together with our colleagues. The company provides opportunities in which our employees can gain a clear understanding of and share “Mochihiko’s values,” as we strive to provide a work environment in which they can satisfactorily address business activities.

Internal consulting

We provide follow-ups aimed at each and every one of our employees to ensure that they learn Mochihiko’s unique services and are fully able to meet customer’s expectations. This is based on OJT, with the goal of improving our day-to-day operations in conjunction with practical training, such as for acquiring qualifications. Together with this, we also maintain internal structures and support our employees in order to meet challenges effectively and efficiently when it comes to carrying out operations.