Company information  Strategy and initiatives


To have Mochihiko Co., Ltd. continue to be a high quality company.

We conduct business both within Japan and overseas by sincerely interacting on a “face-to-face” basis. We also work to address new businesses and social responsibility, while also striving to improve our performance and stabilize and expand our market share.

Our goal is to grow without disrupting the overall balance of the company as a whole between such factors as technical improvements, new business, operation management, communication, financial stability, and cost reductions.


We handle everything from receiving orders to delivery and follow-up service in an integrated manner internally by operating our No. 1 Factory that sews the tent material and our No. 2 Factory that fabricates the steel frames. Our company is fully equipped with equipment that can manufacture and process the materials, which allows us to offer products while keeping prices down. In March 2015, we installed solar panels on the rooftops of our factories.

Corporate brand management

We define brand management as “A cycle of activities to enhance and improve internal functions from multiple dimensions with the goals of enhancing the company’s essential nature and acting creatively.” As such, we work to achieve corporate oversight that is based on objective and impartial judgement. We will continue to systematize and manage a ‘workflow that incorporates brand management functions’ with the goal of invigorating the company, communicating with the outside, and fulfilling the responsibility demanded by society. We undertake repeated improvements by means of monitoring and proposing improvement measures for our day-to-day operations, as well as providing feedback for said operations. We also convey information on our corporate identity and activities outside the company.